Forbach Aromatics LLC

All natural body butters made with pure essential oils.

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Our goal is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty. The experienced and talented staff members at Forbach Aromatics LLC are among the most qualified in the field. Our Body Butter is all natural plant base oils. We offer Pesticide free Jojoba. and Essential Oils, quality you'll find it here.

Check out our products and call us today. 913.284.2567. Wholesale orders are a dozen and above, we offer Private Label and Custom  Blending service.          Please email [email protected] for information and ordering or call 913.284.2567

Return policy: We offer a 60 Day guarantee on our Body Butters and Essential Oils. On the product of interest. Please return the Jar with unused amount along with details of the problem. So we may do our best to improve the matter. Please enclose a copy of the receipt of payment to show amount requested. Forbach Aromatics LLC, 305 Dement Street, Mound City, Kansas 66056-5223.


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